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Curating your style just got easier with Mode-Relier – your “fashion connection”. Up your style game with this amazing new app that makes pulling together your best dresses, shoes, jeans, tops, accessories, and even your hair and makeup products – fast, easy and fun! Mode-Relier  groundbreaking system even factors in how various other aspects such as seasonal light and your skin tone and hair color can influence the total effect. You are Instagram ready and perfectly dressed to face the world with these amazing features:

Style Your look

In your very own Style Room, create your ideal looks with a few swipes and see how everything comes together before even putting them on. Each ensemble is conveniently organized into events or days and available for you to view or change with ease. Mix and match items from your fashion closet and consider the full effect for getting that head turning style everyone will love. You can even invite friends to a shared event section where you can all compare and contrast your looks together.

organize your closet

Who has the time to dig through their closets every time they go out? Have everything at your fingertips categorized by item, color, fabric, brand and size in your very own virtual closet for quick access and overview. Each time you style, select the item to place into your Style Room in as many variations as you like until you are ready with the perfect ensemble. Organizing has never been this convenient.

style before you shop

Before you order those sexy new shoes or amazing dress, take a pic and see how it works with your other pieces! No more accidental purchases of pieces that don’t really fit with the rest of your wardrobe or doesn’t quite work with your hair or skin tone. Browse through those shopping sites and select your favorite pieces then style it with your other pieces before you place that order.

about us

Mode-Relier is the creation of Michelle Lee, a  successful business woman and seasoned fashion industry insider. Having previously worked in finance, she got her foot into the garment business when she operated her own fashion brand and manufacturing company. Her business acumen served her well in dealing with major department stores such as Macy’s and Dillards. At the time she also had the opportunity to work alongside stylists in crafting and putting together looks that would resonate with modern women. Taking a break from the industry for a few years, Michelle took up painting as her main creative expression, gaining in the process a better appreciation and understanding of how colors work. This allowed her to envision a truly unique app that would address the needs of busy women everywhere. From work to play, from vacation to Instagram posts, Mode-Relier is the fast, convenient and fun way for everyone to get that perfectly curated look.


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