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Get your style on with Mode-Relier

New and fun ways to style and shop

Keep your entire wardrobe in your phone to quickly mix and match items in your virtual style closet. Browse items from multiple online stores on one screen and compare to those you already own to see what you don’t need or discover what you must have! Style and save those perfect looks and assign them by days or special events.

Curate your looks in easy steps

Compare items

See everything you have organized by item, color, or brand.

Match your skin tone

Check how each separate item or complete look (even your makeup products) appears against your hair color or skin tone.

Shop for new items

Compare or match something you already own with an item you’re thinking of buying.

Swipe and style like a pro

Stay Organized

See everything in your closet categorized according to item, color, size or brand. Know what you already have and what you might still need.

Convenient Styling

Style your items in as many variations as you like, save them for assigned days, social media posts, special events, or for planning ahead and keeping track of your looks.

Browse, Compare, Shop

Pick out items you’re thinking of buying at online stores and compare or match them with items you already own before deciding if it’s a pass or can’t live without!

Download the app and get your style on.

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